Hidden Treasures - We all have a gift!
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Every person is gifted to do something. Let them be rich or poor, with or without arms or legs, we are all given a gift!
Hidden Treasures Corporation is a non-profit designed to help people with disabilities discover their hidden gifts or, as we like to say, "potential." 
The idea is to empower these people to use their gifts to benefit not only themselves and their families, but also the society in which they live. Our dream is to serve those around the globe who have disabilities and help them to see beyond their limitations, so they can develop a meaningful life where they can embrace their disability.
We work with those who have hearts committed to help disabled people around the world.  We see a clientele of people with both physical and mental disabilities.  These people have been deserted or left with no direction their entire lives.  We  are looking to make a difference in the world and show the world that disabled people are gifted and can succeed in daily life.  It is always sad to see disabled people despise themselves or consider themselves helpless in worldwide cultures. 
We seek to help disabled people recognize their gifts spiritually and physically.  The Hidden Treasures vision is that people with a disability will realize their full potential, and become productive in their communities, in their families, and in their households.
Goals and Objectives:
  1. Research people with disabilities in different cultures, know their classifications, limitations/challenges and ways to empower and help them discover their natural given gifts. Then share those findings with other organizations and people willing to stand with and for them.
  2. Build community centers and schools worldwide for disabled people. These centers would provide education/training, physical/emotional therapy, and counseling.
  3. Advocate for people with disabilities to lobby civil societies, governments, and businesses to provide services that help people with disabilities.
Our services look to open not only their spiritual abilities but their physical abilities and potentials.  We want to provide necessary training and education to the disabled so they can fully unlock and discover their gifts and talents.  We hope to promote the cause and the rights of disabled people. We want to teach love and care for disabled people, and train family members on how to care and love the family member with the  disability.
Facts about People with a Disability in Worldwide Cultures:
  1. Most people with any form of a disability are considered cursed and useless to society, and the sad part is: most of them believe that is what they are!
  2. Unlike the developed world, in undeveloped countries, there are no special services like schools of any levelswashrooms, ramps, education, or medical care being offered to people with disabilities. If any at all are found, they are limited and not well-developed.  Actually there are categories of a disability with no services at all, such as education for the deaf. 
  3. People with a disability are mostly beggars because they are not normally connected to an economic system within that country. Even if they are educated, it is hard for them to get a job.
  4. A lot of people without limbs can't afford artificial ones, or even afford wheelchairs or crutches.
  5. Disabled people, especially women, are limited in their chances to get married or even have a stable marriage.
  6. Most undeveloped countries have obsolete and inefficient facilities for people with disabilities.
  7. Most people with a disability suffer from diseases or die early because of the poor sanitary conditions and limited medical services available to them.
Our Approach to the Disabled People:
Everyone is gifted and talented whether disabled or not.  Hidden Treasures helps a person with their disability to discover their gifts, talent and self worth by teaching independence, and helping them to sharpen their natural gifts.
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